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Snack Dish

Snack Dish
Brand: Michael Aram
5"L x 4.5"W x1.75"HBowl 4.25" Dia.Stainless SteelNatural BrassBlack Enamel..
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ANATOLI Serv-i Revan Çerezlik sunumlarınıza ve sofralarınıza özen ve estetik katacak. Adına yakışır şekilde estetik bir tasarımla işlenen ve gümüş kaplama çerezlik kısmı lüks koleksiyonlarınızda şahane bir tamamlayıcı parça olacaktır. Altın kaplama olan tepelik Serv-i Revan; sonsuzluğun, ölümsüzlüğü..
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Brand: Michael Aram
This collection is inspired by anemone flowers, which in some cultures are said to bring good luck and offer protection. The flowers are associated with purity and peace."For me, there is a beauty and gracefulness inherent in anemones. The curving stems and vibrant blooms are feminine and deeply all..
4,460.00 ₺
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Brand: Michael Aram
The Michael Aram New Leaves Collection is a celebration of the beauty and meaning found in individual leaves. Inspired by specific types of foliage that have taken on sentimental meaning in Michael's life, this collection embodies his genuine passion for nature in its purest and most personal form. ..
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Brand: Michael Aram
The Michael Aram Pomegranate Collection takes its inspiration from one of the most universal and ancient symbols in the world. The fruit has been prized across the globe, across cultures and across time as a representation of life, rebirth, and renewal as well as fertility and union."I grew up aroun..
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