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Snack Dish

Snack Dish
Brand: Michael Aram
Gümüş Kaplama / Altın Kaplama Our prices are EX-WORKS. Freight, insurance and shipping costs not included. It varies depending on the country and region you are in...
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Brand: Michael Aram
This collection is inspired by anemone flowers, which in some cultures are said to bring good luck and offer protection. The flowers are associated with purity and peace."For me, there is a beauty and gracefulness inherent in anemones. The curving stems and vibrant blooms are feminine and deeply all..
3,505.00 ₺
Ex Tax:2,970.34 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
The Butterfly Ginkgo Collection celebrates the representation of flora as fauna. Michael's fascination with a particular type of ginkgo tree , the Ginkgo Biloba, or "Butterfly Ginkgo", which grows with a double leaf reminiscent of a butterfly's wings, gave rise to a fantasia image of the plant. Exec..
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Ex Tax:2,639.83 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
The Ivy & Oak Collection is inspired by the picturesque hamlet built for Marie Antoinette at the palace of Versailles. The collection reflects the beauty of nature and the love of a country existence - or at least how the royal palace architects romanticized it at the whim of a young queen. The ..
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Ex Tax:3,631.36 ₺
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