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Hypoallergenic detergent fluid based on whey, an extraordinary natural disinfectant, for a delicate and effective cleaning of the skin, even the most sensitive. Prevents any problems such as irritation, redness, acne, etc.Leaves the skin soft and pleasantly scented, deeply cleansed from any trace of..
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Brand: Michael Aram
Nikel Kaplama / Paslanmaz ÇelikOur prices are EX-WORKS. Freight, insurance and shipping costs not included. It varies depending on the country and region you are in...
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Brand: Michael Aram
The Michael Aram Pomegranate Collection takes its inspiration from one of the most universal and ancient symbols in the world. The fruit has been prized across the globe, across cultures and across time as a representation of life, rebirth, and renewal as well as fertility and union."I grew up aroun..
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Brand: Michael Aram
The Calla Lily Collection is inspired by the beauty of the calla lily flower. The architectural, curving shape of the flower is strong, yet suggests an intense sensuality. The flower is associated with weddings as is symbolic of purity and innocence."I was thinking of the romance of weddings and how..
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Brand: Michael Aram
The Palm Collection is inspired by the beauty of a windswept palm tree and the perfectly imperfect shapes of woven palm leaves and fallen fronds. The warm antique gold finish and the intricate sculpted textures exude comfortable luxury and graciousness."I was having lunch with friends on a veranda o..
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