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Preliminary Information Form


The subject of this Sales Contract Preliminary Information Form constitutes the rights and liabilities of the parties relating to the sales and delivery of the product/products, which are sold by the SELLER to the CUSTOMER/BUYER and the features and sales prices of which are given below, as required by the provisions of Law on Consumer Protection No. 650 & Regulations on Implementation Principles and Procedures of Distance Contracts.

Upon agreement of this preliminary information form, the BUYER accepts in advance that should the contract orders be approved, it has entered into the obligation to pay the amount that is the subject of the order and stated additional charges, if any, such as shipment fee, taxes.

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3. BUYER’S PARTICULARS (shall be hereinafter be referred to as the BUYER)
Name Surname/Title :
Address : 
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Recipient :
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5.1 Main features (type, amount, brand/model, color, number) of the Goods/Product/Products/Service are available at You can check out the main features of the product throughout the campaign period. It shall be valid until the end of the campaign period.
5.2 Prices listed and announced on the website are sales prices. Announced prices and promises shall be valid until they will be updated or changed. The prices announced temporarily are valid until the end of the specified period.
5.3 Sales price of the goods or services subject to this contract including all taxes is given below.

Delivery Address: 
Order Date: 

5.4. Shipment fee, which is the shipping cost of the product, shall be paid by the BUYER.


6.1. The BUYER agrees, declares and undertakes that he/she has read the preliminary information relating to the main features, sales price, method of payment and delivery and been informed thereon and that he/she has given the required confirmation in the electronic environment.  Before receiving the confirmation of the BUYER in the electronic environment regarding the preliminary information, the BUYER agrees, declares and undertakes that he/she has received the address which needs to be provided by the SELLER to the BUYER, main features of ordered products, prices of the products including taxes, payments and delivery details accurately and in full before the distance sales contract is drawn up.
6.2. Each contract product shall be delivered to the BUYER or to the person and/or institution in the address specified by the BUYER within the period of time specified in the preliminary information section on the website depending on the distance of the place of the BUYER provided that such period does not exceed the 30-day legal term.
6.3. The SELLER agrees, declares and undertakes that he/she will deliver the contract product in full, in line with the features specified in the order and accompanied by certificates of warranty and user guides, if any, free from all kinds of defects, sound as required by the legislation, in line with the standards, accompanied by the required documents, and that he/she will perform the job within the scope of principles of sincerity and integrity, maintain and improve service quality, show the necessary attention and care during the performance of the job and act with caution and foresight.
6.4. The SELLER may provide another product with the same quality and price by way of informing the BUYER and obtaining his/her express approval before the expiry of its contractual liability to fulfil its liabilities.
6.5. The SELLER agrees, declares and undertakes that, should the SELLER fail to fulfil its contractual liabilities in the case that it becomes impossible to provide the product or service that is the subject of the order, it shall inform the consumer before the expiry of its contractual liability to fulfil its liabilities and refund the total amount to the SELLER within 10 days.
6.6. The BUYER agrees, declares and undertakes that he/she will confirm this Preliminary Information Form in the electronic environment for the delivery of the contract product and that the liability of the SELLER to deliver the contract product will expire if the cost of the contract product is not paid and/or cancelled in the bank records for any reason whatsoever.
6.7. If the cost of the contract product is not paid to the SELLER by the related bank or financial institution as a result of illegal use of BUYER’s credit card by unauthorized people after the contract product has been delivered to the BUYER or the person and/or institution at the address specified by the BUYER; the BUYER agrees, declares and undertakes to return the contract product to the SELLER within 3 days and in a manner that the costs of transport are borne by the SELLER.
6.8. The SELLER agrees, declares and undertakes that it shall inform the BUYER if it fails to deliver the contract product within its legal period due to force majeure such as involuntary and unforeseen situations that hinder and/or delay parties’ fulfilling their obligations. Then, the BUYER shall be entitled to demand -from the SELLER- cancellation of the order, replacement of the contract product with an equivalent thereof, if any, and/or postponement of the delivery time until the preventive situation disappears. If the order is cancelled by the BUYER, cost of the product shall be paid to the BUYER in cash and at once no later than 10 days in cases of cash payment by the BUYER. In cases of payment by the BUYER by credit card, the cost of the product shall be returned to the related bank within 7 days following the cancellation of the order by the BUYER. The BUYER agrees, declares and undertakes that the process relating to the reflection of the amount returned by the SELLER to the BUYER’s credit card in the BUYER’s account by the bank might take 2 to 3 weeks on average and that the BUYER will not hold the SELLER responsible for possible delays as reflection of such amount in the BUYER’s accounts after such amount has been returned to the bank by the SELLER is completely related to the bank transaction procedure.

Invoice Name Surname/Title:  
Invoice Address: Istanbul, Turkey

8.1. In distance contracts relating to sale of goods, the BUYER may exercise its right of withdrawal from the contract by refusing the goods within 14 (fourteen) days following the date of delivery of the product thereto or the person/institution in the address designated thereby without taking any legal or penal responsibilities and without giving a justification. In distance contracts relating to service procurement, on the other hand, such period begins as of effective date of the contract. Notification as to the exercise of BUYER’s right of withdrawal must be served to the SELLER within this period. The BUYER shall be expressly and clearly informed by the SELLER or the provider on issues detailed in the regulations and on the fact that he/she will enter into an obligation to pay if he/she approves the order before the BUYER accepts the distance sales contract or any corresponding offers, and the BUYER accepts in advance that he/she has been informed on the aforementioned issues. Right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in service contracts, in which the procurement of the service has started upon approval by the consumer, before the expiry of the time allowed for the exercise of right of withdrawal. Expenses resulting from the exercise of the right of withdrawal shall be borne by the SELLER.

8.2. In order to be able to exercise the right of withdrawal, a written notification has to be served to the SELLER via certified mail, fax or e-mail within the 14 (fourteen)-day period, and the product has to be unused within the framework of the provisions of “Products for Which the Right of Withdrawal Cannot Be Exercised” governed by article 9. In the case that the right of withdrawal is exercised:
8.2.1 Invoice of the product delivered to a 3rd party or the BUYER (if the invoice of the product to be returned is a corporate invoice, it must be accompanied by the return invoice issued by the corporation while the product is being returned. Order returns whose invoices are issued in the name of corporations will not be completed unless a RETURN INVOICE will be issued.)
8.2.2. Product Return Form
8.2.3. Products to be returned accompanied by their boxes, packaging, and standard accessories, if any, must be delivered in full and free of damages.
8.2.4. The SELLER shall be liable to refund the total cost of the product and return the documents that enters the BUYER into an obligation to the BUYER within maximum 10 days following the reception of the notification for withdrawal, and to accept the return of the goods within the 20-day period.
8.2.5. In case of a decrease in the value of the goods or if it becomes impossible to return the goods due to a fault on the part of the BUYER, the BUYER shall be liable to recoup the losses incurred by the SELLER to the extent that such losses are caused by the BUYER.
8.2.6. Amount of discount enjoyed under the campaign shall be cancelled if the campaign limit amount arranged by the SELLER cannot be achieved due to the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

9.1. Return of bottom parts of underwear, lower parts of swimming suits or bikinis, cosmetics, disposable products evidently prepared in line with the requests or personal needs of the BUYER and that cannot be returned due to their nature, goods that might go bad quickly or goods that might expire, and sound and imagery records, software programs is not possible as required by the Regulations if the packaging thereof has been opened by the BUYER.
9.2. In cases of disputes arising from the implementation of this Preliminary Information, Consumer Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in the area, in which the BUYER buys the goods or services and in which his/her place of residence is located, shall be authorized to the extent announced by the Ministry.
9.3. Applications as to complaints about and objections to the SELLER can be made to the consumer arbitration committee or consumer court in the area, in which the consumer bought the goods or services or in which his/her place of residence is located within the monetary limits set by the Ministry in December every year.

This Contract has been issued for commercial purposes.

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