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Michael Aram

Brand: Michael Aram
Pot 4"L x 3.5"W x 4.5"HSpoon 4.5"LNickelplateOxidizedBrown Enamel..
3,024.00 ₺ 5,040.00 ₺
Ex Tax:2,520.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
11.5"H, 5.5" DiaBlack NickelplateNickelplateGlass..
4,212.00 ₺ 7,020.00 ₺
Ex Tax:3,510.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
5.25"L x 5.25"W x 1.75"HStainless SteelNatural BrassWhite EnamelPowdercoatBlack or marbled napkins included..
2,772.00 ₺ 3,960.00 ₺
Ex Tax:2,310.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
11.25”LStainless SteelNatural & Oxidized BrassWhite Enamel..
2,700.00 ₺ 4,500.00 ₺
Ex Tax:2,250.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
13.5"L x 12.5"W x 6"H Hand Textured Stainless Steel Black Marble Black Nickelplate Natural & Oxidized Brass..
12,528.00 ₺ 20,880.00 ₺
Ex Tax:10,440.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
5"H3.75" Dia.13.5 Oz.Soy WaxGlassStainless SteelNatural & Oxidized BrassWhite Enamel..
2,691.00 ₺ 4,140.00 ₺
Ex Tax:2,242.50 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
This collection is inspired by anemone flowers, which in some cultures are said to bring good luck and offer protection. The flowers are associated with purity and peace."For me, there is a beauty and gracefulness inherent in anemones. The curving stems and vibrant blooms are feminine and deeply all..
3,528.00 ₺ 5,040.00 ₺
Ex Tax:2,940.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
5.25"L x 5.25"W x 1.5"HStainless SteelNatural & Oxidized BrassWhite EnamelPowdercoat..
2,574.00 ₺ 3,960.00 ₺
Ex Tax:2,145.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
Set of 4Cup 2.5"H, 2.5" Dia.Saucer 0.75"H, 5.25" Dia.Porcelain..
2,646.00 ₺ 3,780.00 ₺
Ex Tax:2,205.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
The Michael Aram Special Edition Backgammon set is a treasured piece of Aram's Game collection. A game of strategy, skill, and luck, backgammon was a classic pastime during Aram's childhood."Growing up, I used to play backgammon in the evening with my parents. It's a wonderful treat to teach my own ..
22,428.00 ₺ 32,040.00 ₺
Ex Tax:18,690.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
Nikel Kaplama / Altın Kaplama / Beyaz EmayeOur prices are EX-WORKS. Freight, insurance and shipping costs not included. It varies depending on the country and region you are in...
4,914.00 ₺ 7,020.00 ₺
Ex Tax:4,095.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
The Black Iris Collection is inspired by the vitality and beauty of the iris flower. Named after the Greek word for rainbow, the idea of a “black rainbow” feels oxymoronic and mysterious. Michael uses contrasting oxidized and polished brass, as his way of doubting the question of whether there is su..
7,884.00 ₺ 13,140.00 ₺
Ex Tax:6,570.00 ₺
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