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Michael Aram

Brand: Michael Aram
Pot 4"L x 3.5"W x 4.5"HSpoon 4.5"LNickelplateOxidizedBrown Enamel..
5,040.00 ₺
Ex Tax:4,200.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
11.5"H, 5.5" DiaBlack NickelplateNickelplateGlass..
7,020.00 ₺
Ex Tax:5,850.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
11.25”LStainless SteelNatural & Oxidized BrassWhite Enamel..
4,500.00 ₺
Ex Tax:3,750.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
13.5"L x 12.5"W x 6"H Hand Textured Stainless Steel Black Marble Black Nickelplate Natural & Oxidized Brass..
20,880.00 ₺
Ex Tax:17,400.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
The Autumn Leaf Collection is inspired by the flawless geometry of nature. The filigree patterns of the skeletal structure of the leaf indicate the end of its life cycle, signaling the passage of time. When autumn leaves rot and return to the ground, they give hope, nourish the world, and fuel new b..
10,440.00 ₺
Ex Tax:8,700.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
18.5"L X 10"W X 3"H, Knife 8.5"LMarbleNatural & Oxidized BrassStainless Steel..
13,140.00 ₺
Ex Tax:10,950.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
The Butterfly Ginkgo Collection celebrates the representation of flora as fauna. Michael's fascination with a particular type of ginkgo tree, Ginkgo Biloba, or "Butterfly Ginkgo", which grows with double leaves reminiscent of a butterfly's wings, led to a fantastic display of the plant. Crafted at t..
3,240.00 ₺
Ex Tax:2,700.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
8.25"L x 7.75"W x 3.75"HNatural & Oxidized BrassNickelplate..
15,300.00 ₺
Ex Tax:12,750.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
Overall 2”H, 7.25” Dia.Bowl 6.25” Dia., 12 Oz.Stainless SteelNatural & Oxidized Brass..
7,920.00 ₺
Ex Tax:6,600.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
9.25"H92 Oz.Hand Textured Stainless SteelNatural & Oxidized Brass..
15,480.00 ₺
Ex Tax:12,900.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
The Calla Lily Collection is inspired by the beauty of the calla lily flower. The architectural, curving shape of the flower is strong, yet suggests an intense sensuality. The flower is associated with weddings asis symbolic of purity and innocence."I was thinking of the romance of weddings and..
14,400.00 ₺
Ex Tax:12,000.00 ₺
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