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Napkin Ring

Napkin Ring
Brand: Michael Aram
Altın KaplamaOur prices are EX-WORKS. Freight, insurance and shipping costs not included. It varies depending on the country and region you are in...
3,132.00 ₺ 5,220.00 ₺
Ex Tax:2,610.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
The Orchid Collection celebrates the ethereal spirit of the orchid plant. Symbolic of purity and grace, this collection captures the delicate nature of orchids while also expressing a quality of mystery and sensuality.“There is something so captivating about orchids. In black, orchids appear more se..
4,158.00 ₺ 5,940.00 ₺
Ex Tax:3,465.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
Kelebek Ginkgo Koleksiyonu, floranın fauna olarak temsilini kutluyor. Michael'ın belirli bir tür ginkgo ağacına , Ginkgo Biloba'ya veya bir kelebeğin kanatlarını anımsatan çift yaprakla büyüyen "Kelebek Ginkgo" ya olan hayranlığı, bitkinin fantastik bir görüntüsüne yol açtı. El işçiliğinin en üst se..
4,536.00 ₺ 6,480.00 ₺
Ex Tax:3,780.00 ₺
Brand: Michael Aram
The Mistletoe Collection captures the spirit of the holiday season. Mistletoe, an evergreen that flourishes year-round, evokes the idea of renewal, vitality, and romance. In creating the collection, Michael was inspired by his love of nature, and fond memories of family celebrations spent around a b..
3,888.00 ₺ 6,480.00 ₺
Ex Tax:3,240.00 ₺
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