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Classics Collection

Classics Collection
With ANATOLI’s Sweet Talk Tea Glass Set, contemporary and delightful tea presentations accompany your sweet talks. This is an elegant tea glass set with a platinum-plated and ergonomic design. Having a platinum tea plate, this set will let you reflect your uniqueness on your tea presentations. Havin..
297.00 ₺ 495.00 ₺
Ex Tax:251.69 ₺
Adorned with Ottoman and Seljuk motifs, ANATOLI’s Supreme Tea Cup Set will embellish your tables for many years. The three-dimensional motif on the cup handle, which was widely used during the Seljuk period, has survived to the present day. Through the Supreme Tea Cup Set, this geometric motif desig..
387.00 ₺ 645.00 ₺
Ex Tax:327.97 ₺
ANATOLI’s Lunar Coffee Serving Set brings the sense of aesthetics and taste of Ottoman and Seljuk period to your coffee presentations. Centuries of experience and tradition come together in the Lunar Coffee Serving Set. The delight dish, cup handle and cup were designed based on centuries of traditi..
636.00 ₺ 795.00 ₺
Ex Tax:538.98 ₺
Droplet Service Bowl - Silver Plated..
357.00 ₺ 595.00 ₺
Ex Tax:302.54 ₺
Argent Stemware Set..
165.00 ₺ 275.00 ₺
Ex Tax:139.83 ₺
Bring an aesthetic look to your presentations with ANATOLI’s Crystal Palace Covered Bowl. Add a different dimension to your special days and presentations with the crystal palace covered bowl adorned with the Ottoman architecture motifs admired by the world which embody many secrets. The lid of ANAT..
1,436.00 ₺ 1,795.00 ₺
Ex Tax:1,216.95 ₺
Seljuk Decanter..
477.00 ₺ 795.00 ₺
Ex Tax:404.24 ₺
Flame Perfurmed Candle Small..
172.00 ₺ 215.00 ₺
Ex Tax:145.76 ₺
Around The World Charger / Serving Plate - Gold Plated..
597.00 ₺ 995.00 ₺
Ex Tax:505.93 ₺
Rose Garden Parfume..
195.00 ₺ 325.00 ₺
Ex Tax:165.25 ₺
Droplet Bottle With Lid - Silver Plated/Clear Glass..
213.00 ₺ 355.00 ₺
Ex Tax:180.51 ₺
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