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Anneler Günü Seçkileri

With ANATOLI’s Coffee Pleasures Coffee Cup Set, you can put your signature to excellent coffee presentations. Designed with a graceful touch, this coffee cup set will be an indispensable part of your coffee services for its elegant look. Giving your coffee pleasures an elegant and aesthetic look, th..
276.50 ₺ 395.00 ₺
Ex Tax:234.32 ₺
Droplet Service Bowl - Silver Plated..
416.50 ₺ 595.00 ₺
Ex Tax:352.97 ₺
ANATOLI’s Golden Beauty Tea Glass Set is the most elegant design to accompany you in your sweet tea talks. Named after gilt, Golden Beauty Tea Glass Set was designed for a long-term use. Having an attractive look, the upper parts of the tea glass are gold-plated. Produced with fine craftsmanship, th..
311.50 ₺ 445.00 ₺
Ex Tax:263.98 ₺
With ANATOLI’s Sweet Talk Tea Glass Set, contemporary and delightful tea presentations accompany your sweet talks. This is an elegant tea glass set with a platinum-plated and ergonomic design. Having a platinum tea plate, this set will let you reflect your uniqueness on your tea presentations. Havin..
325.50 ₺ 465.00 ₺
Ex Tax:275.85 ₺
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